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Brief maintenance:

(1) Clear the lens softly with alcoholic tampon stick after operation

(2) Change the water one time per month (fresh distilled water or pure water only)


① no power :

A. Examine the electric circuit

B.Examine power plug and cable, make sure connect well

C.Examine the 10A insurance cube, if burnt.

D. Examine the emergency shutoff knob, if turns on

E. Change the power cable, check if the power cable is broken.

② can’t enter into the simmer status:

A. check whether the pump is working

B. examine whether the cooling water is enough

C. check whether the handle connects to the machine tighten  

D. examine the Xe-lamp if normal

③ no laser output and buss when step on the pedal

A. examine whether the system is in simmer status

B. check if connect the footswitch well

C. examine whether the pedal switch is out of work

④ output laser energy becomes weak or blank shoot happens

A. check whether the outside power supply voltage is normal ( sometimes not stable)

B. check whether the lens has been cleaned

C. check whether the cooling water is circling well

D. examine whether need laser adjustment

E. examine whether the machine power supply normal

F. Check if the cavity surface was oxidized. Oxidized cavity has poor focusing ability.

G. Check if there is mineral scale or dirty things around the crystal rod surface, remember clear it.