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一. Maintenance

1. Change the water one time per month (fresh distilled water or pure water only), avoid low output power.

2. Check the surface of lens after every operation, if there are splashing objects on it, dab them away with lens paper or cotton sticker with medical alcohol.

3. Pay attention to rest, two hours working, half hour rest! Avoid high water temperature, and hot handle.

4. unplug the power cable after turn off the machine

5. clear the machine housing everyday to avoid dirty things coming inside

二. Troubleshooting

Turn on the machine, no screen showing, no power:

Possible reasons:

A. check if there is current supply

B. check if the power cable connect well

C. check if turn on the emergency button ‘

D. Examine the 10A insurance cube, if burnt.

E. Change the power cable to check if the cable is broken

F. if the machine itself has power only display screen shows black, check the 12V power supply inside the machine

2. Can’t enter into the simmer status (simmer failing):

A. check if the handle connect well

B. check if the Xe-lamp normal ( reach the life time or damaged)

C. check if the handle plug place is wet, dry it.

D. power supply is broken, professional technicians can change it or send it back to the factory for changing.

3. No cooling for the handle

A. if water cycling well

B. cooling plate was damaged

C. check the handle plug and machine plug, if some wires get burnt

D. check the green light lamp on the 12V power supply, if not light on means the 12V power supply is broken.