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What’s Heiwawa treatment?

Heiwawa treatment is the nickname of Heiwawa laser treatment. Because before the treatment, the face should be covered by a layer of medical-grade carbon, so it is named Heiwawa.

Heiwawa treatment process:

1. Clean the face

2. The beautician use medical tape to hide clients’ eyebrows and wear protective goggles

3. Smash the carbon power on the clients’ face, the mask should stay 3~5 minutes.

4. After 4 minutes, the beautician can wipe out the superficial carbon powder.

5. Heiwawa treatment. The beautician should use the 1064nm laser head. The laser energy is carried into dermis layer.  Then, achieve a better effect of melanin removal, and the powder is exploded at the same time.

6. Facial moisturizing care