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Product name:Active Q-switched Laser

Model No.: C9

Brief introduction:Active Q-switched Laser

Active Q-switched Laser

  • Principle
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A. The main curing principle of the pigmentation is as follows:

The laser from the device penetrates the surface skin, reaches the pigment in derma. Shortly after absorbing great laser energy the pigment           expands and breaks into small particles which are to be removed from the body. The treatment purpose is achieved.

B. The main curing principle of the vascular lesions is as follows:

Firstly, the fixed wavelength laser acts on the target tissues.

Secondly, by the thermal effect of the laser, the laser lights on the abnormal vascular.

Thirdly, after the hemoglobin in the vascular absorbs the very high energy in very short time, it will concrete, and finally disappear.