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Product name:Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Model No.: 190

Brief introduction:

Can dispel effectively various extragenous pigments. For instance: blue、black 、red、brown eyebrow, lip line and all kinds of tattoo. Dispel various kinds of endogenous pigment. For example: coffee spot, speckles, age spot, birthmark, Yiteng lentigines,Taitian Lentigines and red, green, purple, dark brown, brown , pigmentation caused by different reasons.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine 190

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The main curing principle of pigment:

The laser acts on the target area, and penetrates the cuticle into the derma layer, then absorbed by the pigment. When the pigment absorbs very high energy in a quite short time, the pigment mass expands quickly and breaks into particles.  The particles are absorbed by phagocytes and finally excreted out from body. Finally, the pigment becomes lighter and lighter gradually till disappearing.