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Product name:Double Screen Multifuction eauty machine

Model No.: Double Screen Multifuction eauty machine

Brief introduction:

Double Screen Multifuction eauty machine

Double Screen Multifuction eauty machine

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Do you know E-light Beauty Machine?

E-Light beauty machine uses electromagnetic wave of light and radio frequency   for face beauty, it is multi-purpose

beauty equipment applied in beauty salons and beauty parlors for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, acne scarring and

face lifting.

Comparing with other laser skin curing equipment, our E-light beauty machine has been improved in technology and

therapy range. It is different from the laser or other light treatment. The operating principle of E-light machine: lesions

absorb light and electromagnetic wave of different wavelength and then transfer the energy to light and heat energy.

This helps stimulate collagen cells in order to speed the growth and rearrange the fibrous tissue. E-light beauty

machine can improve bulky pore in order to reach rejuvenation effect and tighten skin from inner to exterior. E-light

beauty machine is designed for improving your skin from color to health.