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Product name:SHR快速脱毛机

Model No.: 390

Brief introduction:

SHR快速脱毛机 单光头、双光头自由可选 


SHR Hair Removal Beauty Machine

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intelligentized SHR machine combines epidermal cooling, IPL and RF technologies together, realizes no peeling skins renew. According to different skin types and skin problems gives special therapy. The IPL function will reach to the top under the epidermal cooling system; the interlligentized combination (IPL+RF) makes the two energy mostly focus on the epidermal pigment,dermal collagenous tissue and hair follicle papilla . RF skill offers uniform heating at the same time combining the selective absorption IPL skill could strengthen the effect of skin rejuvenation, speckles removal and hair removal without pain and side-effect.