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Hair removal-IPL hair removal

Hair removal-IPL hair removal

Technical characteristics

IPL is a kind of non exfoliation,non-invasive Photonic cosmetic technology. It has the following features and advantages:

1, Among all hair removal methods, IPL hair removal has relatively small pain. Clinical results show that most patients has feel like "Like a rubber band flick "

2, IPL can remove hair thoroughly. Because the light can penetrate the deep Dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue and acting on different parts of the depth of the hair follicle, then it effectively remove the hair of different depth.

3, IPL hair removal will not harm to the epidermis.

4,The pigmentation after the IPL hair removal treatment  would be very close to the skin.

5, IPL hair removal advantage is fast.

6,IPL hair removal have adjustable long time pulse duration. It  protect the skin while removing hair of different thickness.

7, square spot can remove hair fast, and accelerate the pace of treatment.

Hair removal-SHR fast hair removal

SHR hair removal has the theory of Photothermal selective absorption. It generate high heat on the hair follicle and broke the structure of the hair follicle, so the hair can removed.

SHR  Painless hair removal device has contact cooling heads. The skin will be cooled at freezing point. So, the heat only do treatment on hair follicles and it can spread from the epidermis. In these cases, the skin will not be damaged, and you can avoid heat injury and does not feel any pain.

Hair removal-808nm semi-conductor diode laser hair removal

808nm wavelength has effective penetrating depth. It can reached target organization (hair nipples). The proper pulse width guarantees enough heat injury at target organization, without hurting around organization.

Proper energy density provides enough strong of energy output, it damage target organization and without hurting normal organization in suitable of time. With proper epidermal protection, it guarantee the enough target organization and no effect on the epidermal. Thus it guarantees the security.

Besides, at a rather lower energy density, the diode laser hair removal device heat the hair follicles to 75 degrees or above. With sliding treatment for some time, the heat will solidify the hair follicles inactive, so as to achieve the goal of permanent hair removal.