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Red Spider Vein Removal Machine

RBS red spider vein removal machine,which conducted the released energy to the skin below the surface ,remove of lesions capillaries, also smashed the hemoglobin within blood vessels into a tiny molecules then absorbed by tissue, due to our skin has the fuction to repair and regenerate itself, after the crushed tissue hemoglobin and capillaries are absorbed, The space occupied by them will cover by the new skin grown tissue , so the treatment of red spider vein process won’t  rebound lifelong

During treatment this instrument is with unique single-use soft silk(thinner than hair), the most thorough possible to prevent cross-infection, to ensure that every customer to enjoy the most respected pet therapy, after the treatment pls apply the special repair dope as required

IPL machine for red spider vein therapy

IPL for red spider vein removal is according to the theroy that under certain conditions of time and energy, a specific wavelength photons wil achieve to the max absorption, causing coagulation of small blood vessels, and finally subsided, but it will not damage the skin. The energy which produced by photons can stimulate growth of dermal collagen, increase epidermal thickness and density, so that while the small blood vessels no longer exposed, also make the elasticity and resistance of skin significantly enhanced.